Playing Half-Life while my Friends Dub an Anime Visual Novel

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Luckzo asked me if I'd like to join him on Discord with some other people to record a video of him playing through a romance visual novel, and unfortunately I agreed. Some time through it got a little bit too much and I started playing Half-Life. I started recording soon after.

For all you dudes that want to know the horny game, it's "Sakura Succubus"

Music (in order of appearance):
- Kirby's Adventure - Vegetable Valley
- Aaron F. Bianchi Jupiter - Giga Doom Chad Slayer

You all seem to like the content I make, and I really appreciate the nice comments. If you really want to see this channel grow, please share these videos with someone else, it's the best way to support what I do. Thanks!

virgin anime visual novel fan VS chad half-life guard
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